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GDPR Policy

About GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is a regulation in European law on privacy and data protection. GDPR was embraced on 14 April 2016, and became enforceable in the beginning 25 May 2018. On the foundation of privacy, the GDPR is intended to accomplish the requirements of the new digital era.

What is our doing towards GDPR?

At Pristine Market Insights, we believe individuals’ rights to protection and data privacy is of utmost importance. Thus, we take data protection and privacy extremely seriously, and we never compromise it under any circumstances. Pristine Market Insights never carryout the dispensation of one’s personal info beyond what is necessary for the operations of a specific service. After a meticulous review of the GPDR requirements, we have effectively endorsed the necessary course of action for prosperous compliance.

Pristine Market Insights has refined its policies as per GDPR rules

  • Type of information collected
  • Use of collected data
  • Storage of personal data
  • Involved third parties
  • Security of personal information

We, at Pristine Market Insights, have willingly applied a set of norms and security processes to protect the info entrusted to us. This, helps us to follow privacy and security policies, regulations, and standards, which are coherent with GDPR. Additionally, Pristine Market Insights is also taking cautious steps to elevate its services, while preserving supreme standards to the security and privacy of its users. While we take certain steps which offers the user with ultimate ownership of their data, we also take pride in requisite actions for customers exploiting structures inherent to equip their GDPR obligations, such as alteration, removal and transfer of personal information, without the company's consent.

Pristine Market Insights has employed a dedicated team for data privacy and security. The main function of this team is to draft an exercise and framework for its enactment throughout the organization. This team safeguards and follows all the regulations to amenability and is are being firmly followed and taken into consideration by the organization. Additionally, the team is also in charge of educating the important compliance, and dedicated for promoting generous awareness of the GDPR policy in our organization. We have also integrated GDPR training courses for our employees through annual training and induction sessions. Pristine Market Insights believes privacy as a valuable asset to protect.